Fight your way through an infested base, collection weapon power-ups. Hack every terminal in the facility to gain access to the Hive Mind's chamber.


Jump and shoot buttons can be swapped at any time from the pause menu.

  • Left, Right - Move
  • Up, Down - Aim
  • Z - Shoot
  • X - Jump
  • Enter - Pause Menu


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X-Zero 1.2 (Windows).zip 986 kB
X-Zero 1.2 (Mac).zip 3 MB
X-Zero 1.2 (Linux).zip 551 kB
X-Zero 1.2 (Raspberry Pi).zip 777 kB


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One of the best gameplay I've seen on PICO-8 plataform.

Very good game, it's fun,  i really enjoyed it, i loved it


Really nice art and controls quite well, but the "run around randomly looking for computers" isn't that compelling or interesting. Would also be nice if there were more sound effects (shooting and jumping).



add 1 or 2 checkpoint


missing one point

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Bugs are difficult to hit because they don't always line up with your gun, and there's no way to hit them unless they're directly in your line of fire. I wish there were either more aiming options or more suicidal enemy AI.

Also think going with lives was a big mistake. I get that it's retro, but lives were always a frustrating artificial lengthening mechanism. It discouraged me from continuing when I got a game over and lost all my progress.

Love the music and visuals, though. Hope my feedback was helpful!

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X Zero, at least in my opinion, definitely captures the simple enjoyment of old games. Just running, gunning, and doing the thing. I like that. The music isn't half bad, either. It's a bit repetitive after a while, but still has a nice sound it that makes me wiggle my gun to the beat. (Though not in public.) I'd wondered at one point why the gun was silent, but then I realized...I fire it constantly. So it's a fun AND smartly designed game.

Good job, dev.

Praise aside, I did notice on occasion that the game would speed up, sending me flying forward or quickly jumping around, often to my detriment. Not sure if this is on my end or the game.

Aunque el juego es muy bueno, me hubiera gustado tener mas variedad de enemigos y de escenarios, y tambien mas variedad musical. Sin embargo el arte y la musica me gustaron mucho, y me divertí. Bien hecho

Love it! Would definitely enjoy it more if I had a game pad. Good work.

I really like the nes-style graphics and the music! This def feels like a game that would have been on the nes!

Cool game!


this is awesome, gives me some old school Turrican vibes! great job, love it :D


one of the better Pico 8 games

Fantastic game! Finished it many times (my tip: keep pressing the shoot button), and I love the music too, playing it at times on my synths. Glad you posted it on, now I can buy it ;)

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy it. Constant shooting is definitely the way to go. It's also a good idea to never rush forward.