A short atmospheric platformer with metroidvania elements. Your UFO has been knocked out of the sky by scavengers and you're now trapped in their swampy junk yard. With the help of some friendly aliens, find a way to disable the electromagnetic pulse cannon that's keeping you from escaping.

This game was made in 10 days as a game jam entry for RNDGAME 2020.


  • Left/Right - Move
  • Z - Jump
  • X - Use Zapper (once you have received it)
  • Up/Down - Cycle Zapper Modes (when you have more than 1)


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ufo_windows.zip 2 MB
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ufo_osx.zip 6 MB
ufo_raspi.zip 2 MB


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I really enjoyed this a lot. The paypal link seems to be down. This reminded me of a Commander Keen game. I hope you add more levels or more planets to crash land on. I know same thing right?

Really nice little adventure! :) Definitely would recommend this to the fans of platformers


Fantastic!, my only problem is that i want more

Lovely game!

Really well done. I like the mechanics. and the atmosphere and story are very coherent. I'd like more of it!

Hey, your game was fantastic. You did a really good work at pixelart and mechanics. Th dynamics are perfect to be the first level. Congratulations, would you make a sequel?

This game has everything an old 90's kid could want. Hope the second one will be as great, if not better. But in the meantime this is going to be played over and over again, just like the good old days. :-D


can't wait for the sequel


great game but i am very uncomfortable with the controls


Excelent game bro


This game is pretty fun. But, could you work on a Pt. 2 or something? Otherwise a A+!! Congrats on such a great game!!

got stuck in the chained-double-jump on the near blue rings to get to the teleporter, I have not enough patience.

10 design

10 music and FX

10 playability

Amazing! It feels good to play and is really fun!

Great little game, very well designed.

Nice looking game! Very cute :3

Tips: Don't use the vertical-axes of the left joystick. I accidently switch between different fuels on accident ALL THE TIME, which makes certain jumps very difficult.

Great game! Very streamlined and enjoyable. Very fun to play.

Really nice game and game play! Should look at bring it out for Android and iOS

Very good game. Nice concept. 

nice one


Really lovely foreground art. Somehow manages to have that slightly cutsie look whilst still suiting the grim atmosphere.

Game also feels really polished, everything just feels good.

Not so much a fan of the gameplay. It's a lot of wandering around hoping to stumble upon the place to go next. It doesn't help that everywhere looks the same. Despite how much of an atmosphere it builds up, the world is for lack of a better word "gamey". Something like super metroid has surreal platforming based areas but still manages to feel like a real world.

Also not sure why so many Pico 8 games have dialogue, really hard to read if you have poor eyesight or just struggle with reading. 

Curious, what inspired the feel for this game? It's very charming. 

if i download this, is it the game files or just the cart?

Great little game, I really enjoyed it!

I think if you kept expanding on this you could have an indie darling

I like the game, that was very funny. I usually don play this type of game but I really love this one.  

Cool game, nice controls - thanks!


Great little game, loved the progression and level layout.  Really had it's up and downs and great little moments of "aha" like a good exploring experience should.  Thanks for making this, it was really fun!

This is really cool!

Me gusto el juego, espero que lo usen para una idea futura <3

WOWIE! Cool game, dude)

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I loved the game! Great job!!

Loved it!

Gameplay is smooth, characters are awesome, items are really cool and creative, and the world building is really amazing despite the time it took you to make. Very well done and thanks for contributing this game to the world!

Very cool.

I love the aesthetic and the color of this game, looks very old-school and unique, really nice!

I played 30 minutes in the browser and the gameplay is very smooth! Congratulations!

Jumping felt really good. Would you ever consider sharing your jump mechanics? What engine did you use?

I played the browser version, and I really enjoyed it. The browser version was very smooth and fun! :D

beatiful game!

really cool!! sure had some fun :)

I'm not big on platformers, but I really enjoyed this game. I felt like I was truly exploring even though the area was confined and the coins were in great locations to help me discover new places. 

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