A short atmospheric platformer with metroidvania elements. Your UFO has been knocked out of the sky by scavengers and you're now trapped in their swampy junk yard. With the help of some friendly aliens, find a way to disable the electromagnetic pulse cannon that's keeping you from escaping.

This game was made in 10 days as a game jam entry for RNDGAME 2020.


  • Left/Right - Move
  • Z - Jump
  • X - Use Zapper (once you have received it)
  • Up/Down - Cycle Zapper Modes (when you have more than 1)


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ufo_windows.zip 1 MB
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ufo_linux.zip 704 kB
ufo_raspi.zip 1 MB


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Veery chill game. Like the music, the gameplay, the pixelart... goood job, well done:)

A m a z i n g  ! ! !


The pixel art is top notch.

This was great!  


This game is so amazing, I don't even know where to start! I absolutely love the pixel art! The sprite characters, the items, the platforms, and the background were well-designed! The music and sound effects were great too! Lastly, the story for the game was both simple and cute. The ending almost made me cry though. Overall, I really enjoyed playing this. Well done!

Really enjoyed this one. Great work!

Nice little game, tight controls, cute graphics, fun but not frustrating. First play through I got 2000 points and found the Dope Fish!


Bravo! Music, art, game-play so well done. Certainly a Pico8 highlight for me.


Had so much fun with this game. The green creatures are super cute and expressive,  really enjoyed the way the map is laid out so you keep on exploring the same place.


Good job, you got me lost! Really though, awesome game. A map would be helpful but unnecessary. Maybe you could add a /total to the coin counter. Other then that, great job on the game!

the music is great, also like the metroidvania. great job!

pero el juego esta bueno :D

quisiera que el juego fuera en español ;(

Cute little game. Nice feel to it.


yay finally beat it

only 30 mins yee


HOLY CRAP! This is one of the most expansive Pico-8 games I've seen! The pixel art is amazing and, like all great browser games, I have no idea how to progress! lol, amazing game

will there be more :)


SO CUTE! Its like a tiny metroidvania. It's incredible how many of the thrills of the genre it has without any of the unnecessary padding

whoa its a good game i wait for the second game ;)

you need to make it longer or make a second one

this was such a fun little game, and I don't mind at all that it'sn short. It's a great metroidvania.

Nice graphics, fun to play. 

great metroidvania.

Very nice!

Love the graphics. X and Z are swapped on my keyboard tho, making it kinda a finger stretcher, but still, great game to play.

Pretty good art style, music and overall presentation. Very nice!

will play again, really cool game dude


Great little game! The graphics are sp well done.

Short, but very, very sweet


I really dig this one.. Nice an simple relaxing easy to play.   Nice color pallet.


really cool! the art is marvelous!


Beat it! This is a must play because i don't remember when did i have so much fun with a PICO-8 game. 10/10 will play again

Really cool little game! just beat it!

awesome game, just finished it, thank you



One of my favourite P8 games!

Good graphics, good sound design, good theme and most importantly - Awesome gameplay!

I've seen that there is a raspi version which I could use on my RetroPie but I already have set up a Pico-8 in EmulationStation to run p8.png carts from my p8 folder, would you consider having a p8 version? I know it gives away the code, but you can always uglyfy and minify it. Maybe put the p8 as a reward for donating?


The p8/png version is available on the Pico-8 forums here: https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=38153

Or you can load it directly into Pico-8 by typing "load #ufo" at the command line.

Oh thanks!


This is so awesome. I love the graphics and the environment. The gameplay is really fun and addictive


I really enjoyed this a lot. The paypal link seems to be down. This reminded me of a Commander Keen game. I hope you add more levels or more planets to crash land on. I know same thing right?


Really nice little adventure! :) Definitely would recommend this to the fans of platformers

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