A short atmospheric platformer with metroidvania elements. Your UFO has been knocked out of the sky by scavengers and you're now trapped in their swampy junk yard. With the help of some friendly aliens, find a way to disable the electromagnetic pulse cannon that's keeping you from escaping.

This game was made in 10 days as a game jam entry for RNDGAME 2020.


  • Left/Right - Move
  • Z - Jump
  • X - Use Zapper (once you have received it)
  • Up/Down - Cycle Zapper Modes (when you have more than 1)
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(413 total ratings)
AuthorParanoid Cactus
Made withPICO-8
TagsAtmospheric, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Retro, rndgame2020


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ufo_windows.zip 1 MB
ufo_osx.zip 3 MB
ufo_linux.zip 704 kB
ufo_raspi.zip 1 MB
ufo.p8 81 kB


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This is a nice game! The graphics are what made me want to try it, it looks great! Good conept too with the tool changing between emp, teleporter and grapple hook type thing.


How was I supposed to reach those 3 on the ceiling

I think you get those before you turn the water off. That way you can float up to get them.

Oh, that makes sense LOL

I would recommend to make a story, and levels packs. As levels are progressing, story and level design will be progressing too, like duke nukem platform games!

graphics look really cool

Great Game.. 😲


the pixel art is top notch, and the level design makes the most of the not so big level to make it feel like a complex maze. Great work, +1 to the more levels (or a single level sequel?) request


played the pico-8 version on the Miyoo Mini+ and only wish for more levels. Pixel art is so well done and the animations are so smooth and with great attention to detail! Nice chip tune music too. The controls are great too, very responsive and snappy, it just feels right. I’d love to see a bigger release. There isn’t much to do, apart from navigating the maze and finding stuff to progress further but this makes it all the more charming and relaxing. Quality work all around and totally recommended


Nice game!

When you have time. Check my own game too!

Tower Tactics by ElementR (itch.io)


I got 100%


Can I just say. It's been quite a while since I've actually been able to play a game where I don't need to worry about winning or losing. I could just walk around and TRY to progress the game. It's actually a pretty nice change of pace and I highly recommended this to some friends of mine. 

that was fun! Love the pixel art here. Nice level design


Finally.. after navigating through the maze, I found the route to the cliff on the left. It's so cool. Thanks for the game.

nice game!

Good game!

I love it :)

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This short experience was quite fun. The pixel art was good and the mood was sent well. My only complaint is the gimmick and occasionally precise blue fuel . Well done.


is "ufo.p8" supposed to be Pico-8 version? Because when I added ".png" to it and opened it in my image viewer, it didn't show cart's image.

nvm, it works, just doesn't show cart image.

I purchased this but thought I'd be able to download the p8 file. I'm new to pico 8 stuff and wanted to play this on my handheld. But the file types to download don't seem to be the right format?

Sorry about that. I've added the p8 file to the itch page so you can download it now.

Nice! Many thanks


The game is great, although I'd suggest rethinking the control scheme because I've been pressing "up" for jump instead of Y(which I had to re-map from Z on my keyboard)

The game its soo fun and i like your ideas

its shot and very good tnx for making this game <3

Very fun and polished, congrats! It looks awesome

Really fun mini-Metroidvania! The environment and background music are particularly good.

Awesome, it reminds me of Magic Pockets!

Me too!!

this game is so fun im working on a video game console and im wondering if i can put this game on it

very goog very love


Absolutely beautiful game. Bravo!

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Great game, congrats!

I finished with 1710. o/

This is such a fun, tight little game! I loved how you set up the ‘beam-switcher’ mechanic in such a restricted set of inputs!

love this game! :D


Great game, I love metroidvanias. Do you mind if I make a video on it?


sick game, keep it up!


pretty good

good game

very nice game


Very short, but very nice experience!

very cool, you should make this into a series

Man, what a nice little game. well done!

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