Platform game made for RNDGAME JAM 2021.

Left/Right - Move
Z/X/C - Jump
Down - Drop down

To grab a wall or the side of a platform, make sure you are pushing toward it.

Your progress is a room (picked up item, opened doors etc.) is saved when you exit the room.

AuthorParanoid Cactus
Made withPICO-8


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It's fuc**** immpossible!!

Hi Paranoid Cactus, this is an awesome platformer! Some of the jumps are quite hard, but the difficulty is just right overall. We'd love to have a version of this playable on our site--email us at if you're interested! 

The whole gang is here, great graphics, audio, gameplay and level design. You're a Pico-8 master!

Pyramid of Flames (Full Game)

Pico games always amaze me!

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Gdevelop? Anyway, nice game.

auto wall climbing is so annoying


Amazing game. Love the visuals. 


Great level design and production. Got a little lost trying to reach the end, but I figured it out eventually. Awesome work!


This is so good, definitely one of the best platformers I played PICO-8. Gameplay, visual design & music are just perfect.


Wow, this is LOVELY and awesomely fun!  Stellar entry!


i beat it! nice graphics.


Great game but there's a typo in the description.

It should be 2021 not 2011!


Amazing game (as always).
Art and music sets the mood perfectly.
Feels like a long-lost Amiga game! 😊


This is excellent!