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could you add a setting where z is jump and x is shoot?

Very fast paced game. All in all, a excellent game. I rate this a A+. Please make more games bro! Thanks! 


nice game, i wish the jump control wasnt so sensitive though


I really like this game's color palette! it's aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Also, if you have the color hexes (Example: #494582 ) it would really help me with my character color palette. Thank you for showing this to the world, it's really fun!

You know this game is amazing right?


Love the game! The sound and music fit really well and the art style fits very well. Keep up the good work

I cant see my mouse.

love it!

OOh this plays wonderfully. Excellent entry Paranoid Cactus! I'm not very good, but I can improve :P

Fantastic game!

Wow I am just blown away by this! There's nothing not to like! This is such a well put together game!

The animations are quick and crisp feeling, much like the gameplay itself!

And my god the sound design is so spot on. It is ridiculously satisfying killing the enemies in the way because of the sound design. The music is as well perfectly fitting!

You guys have a solid idea of theme here and a powerful hold of control. That's amazing!!